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ALZ Group works closely with our solar partner LG, we strive to give you the best quality and best value for money and this is why we have partnered with LG. The new LG Panels are the best on the market and not only do they out perform their competitors panels, they also look fantastic. Below we have provided information on the LG products, Please take a look and if you require any more information please contact us we are very happy to assist you further.

LG Advantages

  • Advanced technology and high quality components that supply more power generation and higher savings over time. The technology consist of better temperature coefficient in hot weather, 12 wire busbars  & lower long term degradation. 
  • Better looking panels that will add value to your most important investment, your house.
  • A tougher product, made for extreme weather conditions. LG panels work for longer hours during the day, cope with more heat and have higher salt resistance. LG is a safer investment that offers more reliability of power generation.
  • Good value for quality buy. 500 manufacturing quality controls and high testing standards guarantee more power performance and lower risk.
  • Panels manufacture by one of the most sustainable organisations in the world.
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LG Neon R Panels  


Installed LG Panels
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